OTC Group

Done Right the 1st Time !!

Welcome to the OTC Group


It is our mission to exceed all of our customers needs and expectations , the company  started in 2006 Full time , before that Ulrich Zeiher offered building and contracting work to the customers part time , the clients where extreamly happy with the work carried out and revered the company to all there family and friends , today we employ over 20 full time staff and are very succesfull !

Dedicated to only carry out the best work the company has grown substantially .  

We are proud to state that all the employees that work for the company has been with us from the start .

Our dedication to superb work and extream level of detailed  had brought us where we are today !

In the Building and Contracting Industry you are only as good as your last job and we are proud to say we never had an unsatisfied Client !